Welcome to DriveRider Motorcycle Repairs

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Welcome to DriveRider

select the service you require or call Jamie direct on 0400 451 927

Perth motorcycle repairs and learner training.

Welcome to DriveRider, where motorcycle passion comes in many shapes and sizes.  We provide Motorcycle Lessons, Servicing and Repairs for Perth motorbike owners including the Ellenbrook area.  Our large modern workshop conveniently located in Malaga where repairs are performed has plenty of space to work around your bike safely.  We are highly experienced in training and repairs of all makes and models from 50cc to 1800cc.  We provide a complete service that you can rely on for what you need, be it a licence upgrade, servicing for your bike, or some back-up for when the shed project got out of control and the finish line is nowhere in sight.  DriveRider is a local family run business with real people in mind.

DriverRider Motorcycle repairs and learner lessons home: Repairs

Repairs & Servicing

 All popular makes and models of motorcycle from Sports bikes to open road Tourers. Including Scooters, Off-Road Dirt-Bikes or Motocross Bikes and Enduro Bikes.

DriverRider Motorcycle repairs and learner lessons home: Lessons

Motorbike Lessons

We provide motorcycle training to people at all levels for their style of bike. You will receive experienced instruction from our licensed trainer who will guide you step by step. 

Here are some good reasons why you should use Driverider:

We offer a complete service from motorcycle repairs to rider training for your convenience.

Licensed Repairer of Western Australia

Qualified mechanic with over 30 years experience.

Over 9 years experience delivering motorcycle training lessons with a Certificate 4 qualification.

Workshop fully insured for mechanical and theft of customer bikes.

Rider training bikes are comprehensively insured and indemnity insurance that covers the rider.

Need it fixed?

With over 30 years experience repairing, servicing, modifying and rebuilding motorbikes your bike is in good hands.